Leadership Advisory Council for Scott High School

Faculty Members:

Eric Henry, English

Shanee Cummins, Fine Arts

Stacy Marlar, Mathematics

Marvin Hughett, Social Studies

Bill Smith, Science

Broderick Gillespie, Title I Intervention

Nita Chambers, Career Technical Education

Morgan Boyatt, LEAPS Coordinator

Keith Murley, Health and PE

Debbie Watts, Special Needs Coordinator

Gary Sexton, Museum Coordinator

Kim Hammock, Guidance

Anna Hull, Guidance

Joe Carver, Graduation Coach/School Social Worker

Melissa Rector, Administration

Vince Owens, Administration

Eric Henry, Administration


Business Partners:

Mickie Phillips, First National Bank

Blake Culver, Citizens First Bank

Donnie Sexton, Fireside Family Restaurant

Dave Cross, Plateau Electric Cooperative


Parent Members:

Angie York

Randall and Melissa Stephens

Garry and Leesa King

Family Engagement Plan:


I) Communication between families and Scott High School will increase from 63% to 70%.

a) A “Family Night Out” back-to-school celebration will be held at the beginning of each school year to communicate information such as:

i)Purpose of the Family Engagement Initiative

ii)Family Engagement School Board Policy

iii)Title I Requirements

iv)Assessment Results on all State Tests

v)AYP Requirements

vi)Curriculum Standards

vii)Student-Parent-Teacher Compacts

viii)School Policies

ix)Teacher Information

x)Future Family Engagement Activities


b) In addition to the district’s student handbook, a Scott High School handbook is provided to each student upon registration. These handbooks communicate to students and parents such information as the discipline code and information specific to being a student at Scott High School, i.e. attendance policy, graduation requirements, paths of study, extra-curricular activities, etc.

c) At the beginning of each semester, teachers will send to the parents of each student enrolled in their classes a letter of introduction about themselves and about the course in which the student is enrolled. The letter will include a brief synopsis of the material to be covered, the grading system to be used, and a list of class rules.

d) Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held at least twice during the school year to inform parents of their child’s progress, to assist parents in understanding course expectations, and to interpret state test results.

i)School-wide conferences are held at the end of the first and third nine weeks’ grading periods. The nine weeks grade report is presented to the parent at the conference. Grade reports for the second and fourth nine weeks’ periods are mailed directly to the parents.

ii)At the mid-point of each nine week grading period (approximately 4 ½ weeks), a progress report from each class is sent to the parents of all students. 4 ½ week progress reports include information regarding class averages, missing assignments, and attendance. Each report encourages parents to call and make an appointment to talk with their child’s teachers (either by phone, through e-mail, or in person) so that improvement can be made before the end of the grading period.

iii)Weekly progress reports are provided upon request by the parent so that their student’s progress can be more closely monitored. These reports are completed by each of the student’s teachers on the last day of the week and returned to the students for delivery home. In some instances, these reports are mailed directly to the parents.

e) Each classroom has been equipped with a telephone so that teachers and parents can more easily communicate with each other regarding the progress of their students. Teacher will maintain phone logs of parent contacts so that a running record of communication can be developed.

f) Each teacher is provided a 90-minute daily planning period which parent conferences can be held as needed throughout the school year. All face-to-face contacts, as well as telephone/e-mail communications, will be documented by each teacher.

g) All Scott High School teachers currently have access to a computer at school. Consequently, teachers will make their email addresses known to the parents of each of their students so that email messages can be readily exchanged regarding the progress/needs of their child.

h) A “Future Highlanders Night” is held annually in the spring to allow incoming 9th graders and their families the opportunity to meet SHS faculty and to learn about our instructional program. In addition to oral presentations by faculty members, printed programs, and supplemental hand-outs are also provided which list our course offerings, our extra-curricular activities, and our after-school services to help insure student success at Scott High School. Parents and students are encouraged to talk with our staff about any concerns they may have regarding their child’s transition to high school.

i) The school newspaper, The Scarlett Letter, is published on a monthly basis and distributed both at school and also as an insert in the local county newspaper to allow for a wider circulation among families and community members. Each monthly addition includes a calendar of upcoming events and a list of services available to students and parents.

j) The Scott High School website includes information specific to parent/family needs, including up-to-date announcements of school events, schedules of Credit Recovery sessions and after-school tutoring opportunities, as well as a master schedule of classes and teachers for the school year.

k) The school sign is located near the front entrance to Scott High and is equipped with a lighted marquee on which daily school announcements are posted.

l) Scott High School also uses the SchoolReach automated call system to contact parents regarding important information. Through SchoolReach, SHS is able to easily communicate to parents about important events, cancellations, and upcoming state testing.

m) Local television and radio stations as well as local newspapers are utilized to announce upcoming events, last minute cancellations, and special recognition of students, including academic and athletic honors.

n) A parent suggestion box is prominently displayed in the office so that parents may easily submit their suggestions for improvements at SHS.

o) All major academic and athletic events at Scott High School will be recorded on DVDs and made available to students and families for a nominal fee.

II) Parent/Family opportunities for involvement in the school will be increased from 56% to 65%.

a) Each department will develop activities within their instructional programs that will involve parents and families, i.e. international festivals, math nights, oral histories, recipe collections, classic movie nights, book swaps, and nature trail walks.

b) Regular student/parent nights are held for college bound students to provide critical information regarding college admission requirements and financial aid services. Our computer labs are made available to all students and parents who wish to file applications for admission and financial aid online.

c) Museum of Scott County visits will be made available to students and families after school hours during each home football game and at other special event nights throughout the school year. An annual Heritage Festival will take place each fall in which all SHS students and their families are invited to participate and attend. No admission fee will be charged for visiting the Museum facilities. The Museum will also offer summer programs which are available to Scott High students and family members.

d) A “Parent of the Month” will be chosen by the faculty each month and honored for his/her contributions and involvement in SHS activities.

e) A Senior Class Banquet is held each May to celebrate and honor all members of the graduating class and their families.

f) All athletic booster clubs at Scott High School will continue to recruit parents of athletes to build a support system for our athletic program. All senior athletes and their parents are honored at the last home football game (for fall sports) and at the last home basketball game (for spring sports). A sports banquet is held annually to honor all athletes and their families.

g) “Job Shadowing” activities are implemented to encourage family involvement in future career choices for their student.

h) Our annual Career Day will be expanded to include invitations to parent/families of our junior and senior students.

i) Scott High School will strive to ensure participation of all parents, including parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children. Accommodations will be made by faculty and administration to provide information and school reports in such a way that parents can easily understand.

III) Parents/Families will be given assistance to gain the knowledge and skills in parenting and fostering conditions to assist and support their children’s learning and development at home.

a) Articles from the “Parents Still Make a Difference” newsletter will be included in each monthly edition of the school newspaper.

b) Parents will be invited to support their children by attending a variety of school functions including programs, assemblies, performances, and sports events.

c) A monthly event calendar will be maintained on the school website.

d) Parents/families will be encouraged to monitor and supervise their child’s work and leisure routines so as to insure that the student is getting adequate rest in order to properly function during the school day.

e) SHS guidance counselors will be available for conferences to assist parents and families in understanding school policies, in planning their child’s course schedule, and in assisting with family crises.

f) A Child Development class is included in SHS course offerings.

g) Parents/families will be encouraged to participate in the STAND Program so as to gain knowledge in providing a safe and drug-free home environment.

IV) Parents and families will be given opportunities to share in decision-making and to become leaders in school governance, advisory, and advocacy roles.

a) The Scott High School Leadership Advisory Council will meet twice annually, with subcommittees drawn from the Council meeting quarterly. Each subcommittee will have parent/family representation in developing a variety of school plans, including the School Improvement Plan, Title I, and our Family/Engagement Plan.

b) The development of a Parent-Teacher Organization will be encouraged.

c) Parent suggestions will be gathered monthly from the Suggestion Box and submitted to the director of schools.

d) Athletic booster clubs will work with coaches and school administration in developing projects to enhance student participation in the SHS sports program.



V) Scott High School will continue collaboration with business and community organizations.

a) Numerous collaborations have been established to develop mutual support and appreciation among businesses, community organizations, and Scott High School. Examples are as follows:

1)  ALQI

2)  Barna Log Homes

3) Bethlehem Baptist Church

4) Big South Fork National Park and Recreation Area

5) Boys and Girls Club of Scott County

6) Children’s Center of the Cumberlands

7) Citizens First Bank

8) Department of Children’s Services

9) East TN Community Services Agency

10) First National Bank

11) First Presbyterian Church

12) Goodwill Industries

13) Helenwood Foods

14) Highland Steel

15) Highland Telephone Cooperative

16) Independent Herald

17) Kiwanis Club

18) Lions Club

19) Local fire departments

20) MCM

21) Milford’s Flower Shop

22) National Coal Company

23) Plateau Electric Cooperative

24) Ridgeview Counseling Career Center

25) Roane State Community College

26) Scott Appalachian Industries

27) Scott County Chamber of Commerce

28) Scott County Juvenile Court

29) Scott County News

30) Scott County Retired Teachers Association

31) Scott County Sheriff’s Department

32) Southfork Physical Therapy


34) STAND Program

35) Tennessee Technology Center

36) Town of Huntsville

37) Trophy Master

38) Wal-Mart

39) WBNT Radio and TV Channel 4

40) White Rock Baptist Church

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