Adventures in Computing.

Class of Spring 2012.

"If you have a dream, make it a reality."




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Adventures in Computing is a wonderful class offered at Scott High School. The class is under the instruction of Michelle Carson, who is assisted by Debbie Blair, the Technology Trainer for the Technology Department. The class is kept to a very small number, as small is better in some cases. Listed below is the Class of 2012, in the spring semester.


Name Grade
Samara Burress Senior
Matt Butts Senior
Andrew Carson Junior
Trevin Holloway Senior
Dustan Laxton Senior
Lukeus Murphy Junior
Heather Osborne Senior
Griffin West Junior
Courtney Wright Junior
Michelle Carson Instructor
Debbie Blair Instructor



Below is a chart detailing the majority of the projects a student will do during the semester. These also happen to be the biggest events of the year! While they are few, they take patience, dedication, and enthusiasm to complete, not to mention hard work.



= participant X = exempt
Students Future Highlanders Video
Sports Banquet Senior Video Future Highlander Flyer Webpage Design Create-A-Webpage Project (Final)
Samara  Burress X X
Matt Butts X X X X
Andrew Carson X X X
Trevin Holloway X X X
Dustan Laxton X X X X
Lukeus Murphy X X X X
Heather Osborne X X X
Griffin West X X X
Courtney Wright X X X

Detailing the Projects:

Future Highlander Video - This is the video all SHS freshman watch when they come for Future Highlander Night their 8th grade year. It is the biggest project of the year, as it's due first and includes music, video, and still-shots. Each Future Highlander Video has a theme it centers around, as the basis.

Sports Banquet - This video is still-shots of our athletes in all their glory. It's due closer to graduation, since it's one of the many things seniors participate in, during their final year of High school. It covers every single sport at Scott High, from Football to Cross-country.

Senior Video - This is the video parents want to see. This video is the one shown at the Senior Banquet, displaying the baby pictures, formal pictures, and cap & gown pictures of all seniors.

Future Highlander Flyer - Exactly what it says. This is a flyer used to promote (within the school) Future Highlander Night, and the appropriate video. This is a side-project done in tandem with the respective video.

Webpage Design - This was a special case. The first class to take this class was the Spring Class of 2012, and thus this webpage was designed and created. It will continue to be updated as pertinent information becomes available.

Final Project - The Create-A-Webpage Project was this year's final. Using Microsoft Publisher (or any other program the student feels comfortable with) the student will create a simple, one-to-two page website, submitted to Mrs. Carson.

Not listed are the many smaller, unrelated, one-off projects the class does. This class handles many of the miscellaneous projects people within the school have. One of the instructors may even assign a member of the class to make something for their personal events, when a bigger or more important project isn't in the works.


Tools of the Trade:

This section will detail the programs, accessories, and machines the class will use to produce the various videos.

Snap-shot, handheld cameras for still-shots and short videos.

High-def video camera with tripod for long events or higher-quality videos.

SD cards for cameras, and SD card reader to move the photos taken from camera to PC.

Apple I-Mac Computers, where nearly all the video-producing is done.

IDvD and IMovie are two of the most used programs during the class, though many file-converters and sound-editing software will be used as well.

One special item only allowed for the students of this class is a 'press pass'.  You might be wondering what that is, well, it looks the same as any teacher's name-badge, but with the students picture and name. It also has Mrs. Carson's class & name on it, as well as the bolded word 'Student' on it.

These are the things a student will be handling most of the time, during this class.


Miscellaneous Information:

A short section about the odd arrangement of this class. While SHS does not endorse repeat classes, and in fact will not allow you to take any class over once you've acquired the credit for it, this class is an exception. Hopefully, the seniors will graduate, and the juniors will become seniors. As this class is strictly juniors and seniors, any junior from the previous class can take the class again their senior year. This makes a cycle of mentoring. While the first class to take this, the Class of 2012, learned everything from scratch, the classes down the road won't. The seniors who took the class as juniors will have experience and knowledge, and can help the juniors throughout the semester, until those juniors become seniors and repeat the cycle. Understand, though, that you are NOT obligated to take this course again. It is only hoped that you found this class enjoyable enough to want to take it again.


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